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Thursday, March 19, 2009

543) To Mama with Love!

The only thing I envy women for is being mothers!

To all the mothers on mothers weekend:
Thank you for all what you have done for us, it was a long journey of thinking, worries, sacrifice, and above all love...May God bless you all..

To Mama:
Every single success in my life, I owe it to you ... Nothing can pay you back, I love you :)

To Grandma:
It may be your last mothers' day... I will miss you a lot :(

To all young mothers:
Take care of your kids, give them your love & wisdom, and let go of them but keep watching.. you are the core of any hope for the development of our society.



amina said...

That is very sweet ya Mohaly :)

May Allah bless yours.

Mona said...

It is also the spring equinox weekend. This year spring equinox happens on March 20 at precisely 7:44 A.M. EDT (11:44 Universal Time.)

Julia said...

Mothers are the best thing that happens to us.
I can't wait to be a mother!\
Mona/ why don't we celebrate mothers day it in March like the rest of the world?

Mona said...

Hi Julia, I will think about your question and get back with you when I find the answer.

I am on and ready to celebrate all the occasions all year long. My mom is on the other side already, so I guess I will send her a psychic "Happy Mother's Day" on Saturday.

Gannah said...

كنت سأكتب مثلكم بالانجليزية ولكنى تراجعت فى النهاية ..لانه يبدو انكم جميعا تعرفون العربية ..تختلف الاهداف من شخص لاخر فالبعض يكتب بالانجليزية لنشر قضية معينة يدافع عنها والبعض الأخر لانه لا يجيد الكتابة بالعربية ..فان كان لى أن أسأل يا ترى ما هو دافعك ؟؟؟
تحياتى إلى السيدة الفاضلة والدتك والى كل أم
ولك طبعا

Gannah said...

اخدت جولة فى المدونة وعجبتنى جداا لو بتسمح بالتعليقات العربى ممكن اكون من زوارك برغم ان اجيد الانجليزية لكن بحب العربى قوى وبغير لما بشوف الشعوب التانية معتزة بلغتها واحنا لا ..وعجبنى مقولة الامام الشافعى اللى انت عاملها شعارك فى البروفايل
تحياتى تانى:)

norahaty said...

تحياتى للمدونة وصاحبها
وان سمحت لىّ احيىّ دكتورة (جنّة)
فقد قالت ما كنت اود ان اقوله
ولكنى خجلت بداية من الكلام
حتى قالته د.جنة

norahaty said...

لاأنسى ان احيىّ والدتك والوالدات جميعاِمتعهن الله بالصحة والعافية

Mohaly said...

Mona, thanks for tip, Spring should be the best season, but khamaseen ruins it.
US Celebrates mothers day in May, but you can celebrate it now as well :)

Mohaly said...

Dear Gannah and Nourhaty, thanks a lot, and definately you are welcomed in the blog in English or Arabic (although in some posts, English is prefered when foriegn commenters are involved)

To answer your question regarding the language of the blog, I have nothing against Arabic, actually I love Arabic and I am very good at it, but I choose English for this blog because:

1. This blog is addressing Arabs all over the world not only for Egypt (59% only of the blog readers are from Egypt). Since English is the international language, I am using it as it suits the purpose.

2. I better express myself in English. My Arabic typing is extremely BAD, I would have written less than 30% of this blog topics if I used Arabic.

I may launch an Arabic one (blog) someday though...

Welcome again, and have a nice weekend :)

norahaty said...

مادام الامر هكذا
فقد اتفقنا
انا كاتب جديد
واكتسبت انت قارئة جديدة

Sherif said...

You envy women for being mothers,

fathers are great too Mohaly

What do you reckon?

Mona said...

Julia, Hope all is well. To answer your question, it actually turned out that mother's day is celebrated by the majority of the world on the second Sunday of May - May 10th, this year. Only the Arab world celebrates it on March 21st, around the spring equinox time.

I did not look into the reasons yet but you are making an interesting point here.

merhan said...

mohaly ,do not envy us it is not heaven all the time.
i am really grateful that god has blessed me with a great mum ya rab ekhaleeha leia.
wish u all the same.

mary jacoub said...

Hi Mona:
How'r u?hope everything's well..i'd like to share an opinion with u&tell me if it's right or wrong?
I think that mothers should be honoured all the time not in a specific day, Mothers day sometimes causes lots of pain to people who lost their mothers,or mothers who never had a child,or mothers having mean sons or daughters. what do you think?
By the way i agree with them about your comments:):)(impressive)

mary jacoub said...

Sorry about the mistake(mothers never have a child}i mean wives..

Mona said...

Mary, It actually read right to me the first time because women who never gave birth can still be mothers and not just that, they can be great mothers. Look at Mother Teresa and Opera Winfrey for example - Great mothers.

me just me! said...

Hu Hu Hu
u made me laugh,sorry!
Opera Winfery is a great mother!
for an adobeted child?

Mona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mona said...

me just me, I am glad I made you laugh. I suggest that you go read about the work that Oprah Winfrey is doing for the children all over the world and in Africa in specific. It may make you laugh harder.

Mona said...

Hi Mary,
First off, Thanks so much for the compliment. And to answer your question-

My opinion is that there is never a 'right' or 'wrong' opinion, opinions are just opinions. But personally, I do classify opinions internally into two categories: holistically 'healthy' opinions and holistically 'unhealthy' opinions. Holistically 'healthy' opinions are the ones which are driven by love and gratitude while holistically 'unhealthy' opinions are the ones driven by fear instead. Holistically 'healthy' opinions bring peace to the heart and mind, while holistically 'unhealthy' opinions bring dis-ease to the heart and mind.

Wow, sorry, that was a long introduction to my answer.

I totally agree with you Mary that mothers are to be honored all the time, all year long, not just on one day. But it is still nice to have a day of celebration and gratitude after a long year of hard work. And as I said earlier, women do not have to give birth to be mothers. Being a mother is being loving and nurturing. It is the state of being that.

I need sometime to reflect more on the pain component that you bring up here which I fully understand.

Omar Rostom said...

Mary, the shiekh in Jummaa prayers yesterday was telling us that eid el 2om bed3a and kalam fargehg!! the whole msged went crazy about how silly is that. Mothers need to be honored at least 1 day in the year.

Mohaly said...

Sherif: Fatherhood is definitely great, but when you see the motherhood bond, they win!

Mona: I support what you said about honoring mum all the time and at least for 1 day, and that kids always have another mother(grandma, aunts..), and mothers who don't give birth can be a source of love as well.
Thanks for the spring tip although spring in Egypt is the worst in weather (wind and dust).
I like the healthy and non-healthy opinions... sometimes i feel that people want to just kill me with their opinions instead of having it as an opportunity to develop.

mary jacoub said...

Omar i said that mothers should be honored every day not only one day a year you didn't get my point,i was talking about the one who feel pain in that day just talking about how to give them support that's it

kochia said...

تعبير جميل منك عن الشكر والامتنان
وانا بنضم ليك
كل سنة وكل الامهات بخير
وانت كمان كل سنةوانت بخير


Mona said...

Hi Mary,
I have been thinking about what you said and I don't know how to go about it because I am not so familiar with women organizations in Egypt. I was curious if one of these organizations (if exists) hold support groups for women who do not have children of their own, and help them connect with children who do not have parents (or do not have fit parents) and are in need for love and nurture by fit women/parents. I am sure that there are lots of children in Egypt who could enjoy this love and nurture of healthy women who do not have children of their own.

Maybe we should brainstorm this with everyone.

amina said...

To Sherif:

Ahmed Bahgat wrote today:
الأمومة آية من آيات الله في الكون‏,‏ مثلما أن الأمومة نبع لاستمرار الحياة في الأرض‏,‏ وهذه آية أخري‏.‏

ولا يستطيع الرجل مهما أوتي من خيال وقدرة علي التصور أن يعرف حقيقة الأمومة في حبها‏,‏ كما يستحيل عليه بعد ذلك أن يعرف حقيقة علاقة الأم بأبنائها‏.‏

إن حب الأب لأبنائه يأخذ شكلا يختلف عن شكل الأمومة حين تحب‏,‏ إن الأب يريد من أبنائه أشياء‏,‏ أما الأم فتعطي دون أن تنتظر حتي نجاح الأبناء‏.‏