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Monday, March 9, 2009

539) Living Like An Egyptian - Episode 3!

Although there are more important topics in this series, but I think that turning into robots may lead to cancel the word "living" because robots don't live, they just function.


Egyptians - rich or poor- are living like robots these days. In AUC, I feel it with my graduate students. In training, I feel it with my trainees. In consulting, I feel it with my clients. Even in my writings, I feel that people (including myself) are not that hot and excited as they used to..

I can see it in the Gym from fellows and personal trainers, I can see it with the maid, in the supermarket, in the taxi, in the mosque, even with the nurses in the hospital. Everyone seems to be under hypnosis. They are not sad, they are not happy, they are NOT THERE AT ALL!

May be the problem in my eyes, and not with the people! I don't know. All what I know that I am not happy with seeing my country people as robots. Robots don't create, don't develop, don't challenge, Robots just follow orders even if the order was self-destruction!

I really Urge Dr.Galal Amin, to publish a new edition of his book Whatever happened to the Egyptians covering the period since he first published it, till now 2000-2009.


P.S. I wish all a Happy Mawlid El Nabawy.


Elham Salah said...

Will you be angry with me if I told you (yes the problem is in your eyes)?
Every one is seeing surroundings according to what his eyes reflects to his mind, then mind translates it into impression, the eyes are just tools, they can't judge alone, they can't do without either the heart or the mind.
it is very obvious that your mind translates what you want to see, it is non intentional mechanism cause you want to feel that you are not the only one who is living like robot.
You are right if we are talking about some Egyptians but a lot of them still behaving on the sentimental level, even when they are working, a lot of them still judge the order from all sides before applying it.
I see all who are around me like anything except robots, may be the problem is in my eyes not yours :)
Mohaly I know you are from those who are looking deep through the personalities not only from outside, so choose a balanced person and look deep in his inside you will find a real human lying there under the robot suit who want to be liberated but may be the life routine, stress and huge responsibilities don't allow him to get out

amina said...

I don't agree with you Elham, may be Mohaly is down, but the Egyptians are acting robotic these days.
Everyone is just surviving and trying to pass the day, no real life out there.
It is our eyes not only Mohaly's.

Anonymous said...

البلد كلها اضرابات

mary jacoub said...

"Good memories can save your life"
I heard these words in a movie called"the punisher".... I think these words are true as we can obviously see that all of us or at least most of us are going through hell trying to survive we're missing to laugh from our hearts,to love from our hearts,to sleep deeply,to feel safe, to enjoy our vacations,to feel really happy..so we don't have except going back to our good memories the one we use to have a big smile on our face when we remember.we forgot how to love each other honestly, everything's fake,we're all living carrying our broken hearts with our mouth shut&our eyes full of tears coz we don't have another option.

Ola said...

Well, I think "most" of the Egyptians are acting like robots yes, but still "some" of them don't.
It is a matter of an ability to tolerate & handle the surrounding frustrations. Not all persons can, some don't have such ability from the very beginning, others (including myself) kept struggling for years & finally I broke up & acted like a robot!! Thank GOD I started to regain my old self once more, hope every one can do the same!!

mary jacoub said...
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mary jacoub said...

Those were the best words"I started to regain my old self once more". That's what we all have to do. Lets consider these words as an invitation to all the robots we use to see or deal with..please mohaly make an episode inviting people to be themselves again..to love each other again..
Have a good day :)

Mohaly said...

I agree with you Mary about Ola, it is the best thing, and I am actually preparing for an uplifting episode but just can't finish it in my personal family circumstances.

I am not saying that Egyptian khalas ba2o robots but I am saying that we are turning into robots and at a point in time we will not be able to get back into humanity.

mary jacoub said...

Hi mohally:
how's your grandma now?hope she's getting fine..take care of urself you need some rest,you need to stop thinking,stop worrying,we,re all between god's hands&surely full of faith that he's arranging us all good things.

Mohaly said...

She left IC today, but unfortunately she will remain in the hospital for the rest of her "life"!
Thank God for everything..