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Thursday, March 12, 2009

540) Human Males & Sex !

According to the Kinsey Report (Sexual Behavior in the Human Male), 54 percent of men think about sex every day or several times a day, 43 percent a few times a week or a few times a month, and 4 percent less than once a month.

I was wondering why most of men are always thinking and seeking sex, while most of women don't do that frequently or sometimes even at all !



Omar Rostom said...

I am back, was in a business trip in the last 4 days and couldnt access, but I am back and the post fe3lan suits me :))

bos ya Mohaly, men will always think about sex no matter what they say or do, this is something we can't help!

but the problem is with women, why aren't they always ready like us, life would have been much better ;)

Tamer Mokhtar said...

7alwtak ya mohaly fel maskhara :)))))
bass feen ba2eet el sora? feen el female %?

am sure this will answer your question :) and by the way the difference is not big :)

we 3ala ra2y el masal
"wel shatra teghzel be regl 7omar"

Julia said...

Males have double the brain space and processing power devoted to sex as females. Just as women have an eight-lane superhighway for processing emotion while men have a small country road, men have O'Hare Airport as a hub of processing thoughts about sex whereas women have the airfield nearby that lands small and private planes. That probably explains why 85 percent of twenty- to thirty-year-old males think about sex every fifty-two seconds and women think about it once a day -- or up to three or four times on their most fertile days.

Shimaa Gamal said...

Well, this is where I will say that women are just like men. They think about sex as frequent as men do.
Just sometimes men seem to be ready to jump and just do it with whoever say yes in the time women think more about the person.

I think that on average males and females think equally about sex, but they have different ways to express it.

The 43% of males thinking about it only few times a week is really a high percentage. So, males sex obsession is really over rated :)

Elham Salah said...

Mohaly, I agree with you that men have higher interest in sex than majority of women, god created them so, that is why they are always seeking a woman with high interest as well, and they consider this woman a very rare diamond, but the truth is different…. Guess why?
Cause even if the girl is with high interest in Sex she can’t say so or he will consider her a bad girl and then she can do nothing to help removing this idea from his mind, so she would prefer pretending even to her husband that she is not interested unless he is very understanding and here I can say understanding guys are very rare, you can’t deny, huh???
I know many girls who are not interested in sex, but I know more who are very interested in sex and they seek sex education by legal means like books either medical, educational or psychology, and all what they hope to find an understanding man with whom they can show this interest in a positive way.
So I have a good suggestion, every one either male or female should be himself when it comes to marriage, so every guy who has high interest in sex will choose the woman with high interest as well and vice versa, taking into consideration that if the woman has higher interest than her husband, I think this will be a true hell (7ateb2a el ma3ayeer et2alabet):))

Omar Rostom said...

ya Elham, can you introduce me to these girls, and I will not get them wrong ;)

Wala ya ya Titi (welcome back) :)

ya saralona, ana 3ayez fe3lan a3raf ray2ek :)

Tamer Mokhtar said...

Ya welcome beek el excellence :)

Enta 3aref ya Omar, ana malesh fel posts beta3et el seyasa we gamal wel 7arakat de!

Edeny fel hayef we bardo el shatra teghzel be regl 7omar!

shakl ra2y sarolina damo khafef :)

Anonymous said...

I don't see where in what you quoted does it say that human males think about sex more often than females!

Julia said...

Ghareba, it is a long article where this study was quoted and i have added the reasons as well. I am a woman and i dont think we have sex in our minds as much as men, we seek romance that is crowned with sex, but men enjoy sex for sex!

Mona said...

Are you from Chicago, IL?

Mona said...

I have been trying to understand your analogy beteween Men's brain space and processing power devoted to sex and Chicago O'Hare International Airport. I don't know for sure if I agree with the statement or not. But the analogy between airports and human minds appeals to me so much. I never thought about it this way before but it makes perfect sense.

Julia said...

yes mona I am from IL but I live in CA..


amina said...

ya mohaly, i like the picture a lot, it tells what u wanna say without elet adab!

Julia said...

but mona, how do you see it then?

Mona said...

Thanks Julia. How is the weather in California today?

Are you asking about how I understand the analogy between minds and airports? or my opinion on the post topic?

Julia said...


Weather is partly cloudy and no wind, it is a nice day here but it is still 7am!

I mean your opinion about the post.

saralona said...

3amora 7beby i really missed u darling kont 7asa blghorba men b3dk:D:D b3den ra2y eh b3d ely enta 2olto 72e2y kol shwaya btsbtly mada wla2k :D:D bas ana 3yza a2ol 7aga 1st y3ny elgirl 3ndha 7tet elemotions de zyada shwaya y3ny elbnt bdwr 3la elwald elromantic el7enyen ely ydeha emotions aktr mtafkr fe eno yb2a sexy & vice versa elwald awl 7aga yfkr feha m3a elpartner bt3to hea elsex 3shn kda ya mohal htl2y en elpercent bt3t elmens a3la 2nd b2a enta nafsk ya 3mora lw l2et w7da interested awy flsex hatrda tkml m3aha wla blash enta 3shn t2rebn 3rfa radk:D :D enta ya mohal lw l2et elgirl ely 2odamk interested awy l2 wkman 3ndaha experience gmda msh 2a2l 7aga ht3mlha enk hat2l2 menha ybny dnt 4get enk fe MOGTM3 SHAR2Y wb3den bardo btrg3o tlomo elbent manto law tedona elfreedom zayko kda etfrgo bs 3ly hn3mlo ;) wala eh y3mora :D
p.s : esmy saralona ya titi not sarolina de anyway ya mohal brdo elmwdo3 f2deko msh fena
mashy ya 3mora dna hazbtk b2a 3yz tet3rf 3lehom ybny hwa enta na2s ;) b3den asln msh 3rfa leh 7asak kberk kalam wbas :D ;) wb ya gamel :D

Mona said...

Thanks for asking. To be honest, I don't have a solid opinion on this one. But I guess to me, this is one of the few scenarios where I feel more concerned about the morality and the ethical conduct which results from the thoughts rather than the thoughts themselves. I mean, in this particular scenario, judging the thoughts themselves does not really concern me as much as judging how one channels these thoughts properly into constructive behaviors instead of destructive ones.

Tamer Mokhtar said...

My brain is divided into 2 halves! 1st has its normal placement and 2nd half moved halfway down just to think naughty & act!

And in case u r asking about the look still the same? The answer is no! ….things changes

Naughty author :)

Shimaa Gamal said...

“The basic conflict between men and women, sexually, is that men are like firemen, and women are like fire. To men, sex is an emergency, and no matter what (they are) doing (they) can be ready in two minutes? Women, on the other hand, are like fire. They are very exciting, but the conditions have to be exactly right for it to occur” - Jerry Seinfeld

Omar Rostom said...

Shaimaaaa! If the women are like fire, then you badly need us because we are the distinguishers ;)

Mohaly said...

Guys I am impressed with the views!
Some quick answers:

This is not an excuse, marriage that is not based on mutual understanding and transparency special in such intimate thing... 2eleto a7san.

it already happened with me, but everything has a limit even if i am as much interested as her.

Impressive as usual, you got to the core of it, it is all in the intention and believe it or not, you girls have this radar about intentions, some guys are clever enough to fool you but most of them don't.

Shaimaa & Julia: I like these examples of airport and fire.

Tamer we Omar: Tab3an hayseen fel post dah!

Tamer Mokhtar said...

7elw mawdoo3 el fire da, thought about it shewaya and found it very deep :) bravo ya Shosho!

and knowing Omar found him as usual nughty, am sure that he is thinking about khartoom el matafy :) leeh wa2to

ya wlad el eah hehhehe

Omar Rostom said...

Ana kalam 3al fadi!!
ma3lesh, ghaleban enti mageteesh Dubai! Kahlyee Mohaly yo2lik!

merhan said...

mohaly, i donot think u got it right this time ,we just do not "AIR " it like u guys.........
to be fair to u i have to admit it differs from one character to the other, both male and female,also it depends mainly on ur partner

Mohaly said...

merhan: then I got it right, males and females are extremely different when it comes to sex.