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Sunday, February 24, 2008

365) Moh@ly Weekly! - (Eps.3)

I would like to apologize for not publishing the episode last Thursday as I was stuck in a business trip with a stupid hotel that has no idea about Internet!

Hadary: I guess this is a real life example of the right man at the right place at the WRONG time. Hadary would have been blessed by everyone if he decided to resign and leave EL Ahly in a legal way and move to Europe, even if we like to see him in Ahly. But the way he left and the timing (while Egyptians were celebrating the achievement on the same day) was really unprofessional and will cost him at least 50% of his life-time achievement. Sometimes we don't weight all the options and see all the pros and cons. I will not be surprized if I found the Egyptians saluting Hadary again when he moves to a big club and make a difference, as the emotional nature of the Egyptians can swamp anything in its way. P.S. El Ahly as well has to be more flexible with allowing its players to play for European clubs.

Alexandria: I haven't been to Alex in 14 years, and I spent the last couple of days there. I envy you Alexandrians, it is like Europe in winter, clean and wide corniche, jogging in the morning, calms people, traffic jams are bearable...imagine that it took us 2 hours to reach Cairo, and 3 hours to reach home!!!!



momo said...

حقه انه يحترف لكن مش بالطريقه الحقيرة دى مش يبئى نايم فى حضن الاهلى ولسه لاعب اول ماتش فى الدور التانى وعامل حسابه بعد الماتش انه هيهرب طيب حد يقولى بازمه مش حرام يحط الاهلى اللى عمل منه احسن حارس فى افريقيا مش حرام عليه وهو متسجل محليا وافريقيا طيب لو كان عندو اى انتماء او حتى مجامله للنادى كان صبر التلات شهور دول وبعدين كان عمل اللى هو عايزة لكن فعلا الفلوس تعمى النفوس وياريته رايح فريق يليق بالى هو عمله فى تاريخه ده رايح نادى فى المركز التاسع فى دورى كله على بعضه عشر فرق وفى سويسرا اللى الدورى بتاعها غير مصنف اوروبيا اصلا وتئولى احتراااااااااااف
حسبى الله ونعم الوكيل فيك يا حضرى

Shimaa Gamal said...

Welcome back Mohaly
The whole Hadary thing proved that Egyptians lack professionalism.
Regardless how hard we claim we are professionals, in any aspect not only football, we are amateurs by all means.
1st he wanted to leave, he decided to leave, and he couldn’t find a professional way to do it.
2nd he left, the public went from denial to madness to the extent that some people are actually cursing him.
3rd I guess the best description was Jose’s when he said that we should light a candle for Hadary. We lost Abd El Wahab suddenly. He left the team without a prior notice but we managed containing the crisis only because we lost him to God. Why don’t we light a candle, deal with it as if we lost him to God. This is not end of the world.
As for Alex. I have always envied Alexandrians too. I wish I could live there.