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Thursday, February 14, 2008

364) Moh@ly Weekly! - (Eps. 2)

Magdy Mahana: I really cant describe how much I am sad to realize that I wont be reading to that great guy any more. He was one of the rare Egyptian intellectualls who understand and live the culture of accepting diffrences and positive conflict. Allah yer7amo, we yerzo2na another one like him.

National Team in UAE: It is really great to have the UAE celebrating and honoring our national team, but it is really a shame to have them honor the Team and celebrate before "as7ab el fara7" the Egyptians who were waiting for the team since the previous night at the airport.

Valentine's: I just wish all the SINGLES a happy valentine's day... for the couples, enjoy the blackmail of the gift, flowers shops, resturants, even baya3 el fol eli fel ishara ;)



omar said...

i witnessed the event in dubai, but as an egyptian would have loved to see it in egypt first.

valentine's ;) ah wa ah men el 2as3ar, ro7 shof dubai ya mohaly, el nas ethbalet!

embee said...

Ditto @ Magdi Mehanna. Sad is a serious understatement.

ربنا يغفر له و يرحمه إن شاء الله

Shimaa Gamal said...

eh ya Mohaly, fien eps. 3? wala homa two episodes welba2y etsader :)

Anonymous said...

hey mohaly, Where r u?