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Thursday, February 7, 2008

362) M.O.H.@.L.Y Weekly! (Eps. 01)

* INTERNET::: The Internet problem in Egypt proved that technology is made to serve us and not the opposite. We didn’t die when there were no Internet as we thought. This doesn’t mean that I accept the vulnerable system, but means I am just against our great dependency on technology.

* HEALTH::: The severe pain I have been through this week, the 12 injections & 4700 laser shots I had, proved how weak our body is, a mild stone in the Kidney made me cry out of pain. Sobhan Allah & El Hamdullah that is almost over.

* GAZA::: I really wonder what does the Hamas want from Egypt!

* FOOTBALL JOY::: The Egyptian national football team became one of the only stuff in Egypt that makes people happy. Even if we didn’t make it to the final game tonight, we really tried hard, and we up to the expectations. Thank you (although I dont like football), and best of luck tonight.

*THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL::: The "Super Tuesday" wasn’t super wala 7aga. It just helped the Republicans to unite, and kept the Democrats (who were the primary target on this day) divided between the Bold Obama, and the Beautiful Hillary! & to another weekly... Mohaly ;)


Shimaa Gamal said...

ALf salama 3aliek.

only love said...

hi mohaly :) nice episode
1) a2lf salama 3lak.
2) concering football ana wla bafham feha ay haga gher el goal :D bas bgd mabsota a2wy lena.

nourita said...

ALf salama 3aliek

Fatiflower said...

Alf Salama 3aleek ya Mohamed!