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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

798) He who laughs last, laughs best !

I wanna share a short story that reflects the Tom & Jerry strategy that we are living in during the last 9 months..

- A hairdresser wispered to his client: "This is the dumbest child on earth, and  I will prove it to you."
- The hairdresser puts one pound in one hand and 50 piastres in the other, then calls the kid asking him to choose one.
- The kid took the 50 piastres, and went out of the shop. The hairdresser said that he does that every time.
- On his way out, the client saw the kid coming out of an ice-cream shop, so he stopped the kid and asked him: "Why do you take the 50 piastres and don't take the whole pound every time".
- The kid confidently answered him: "The day I will take the whole pound, the game will be over".

End of story, but not end of the lesson. If the SCAF, the Government and all the old regime members and supports think that they are fooling us, and if we seem to choose the 50 piasters every time, they are just fooling themselves, because no matter what happens now, the future is ours, and we will win...

"He who laughs last, laughs best"


Enjoy your vacations :)


amina said...

Thanks for the needed optimism, short but deep story
happy eid

Anonymous said...

كل سنة و حضرتك طيب يا دكتور محمد بمناسبة بدء أفضل أيام العام و بمناسبة عيد الأضحى كمان.
i like the spirit of this post, let me say better than the before. it is not only your last confident, optimistic words, but also the story itself.
thank you for sharing, and you too, enjoy the vacations.

Anonymous said...

check today's article of Dr. Alaa el Aswany.

is scary and confusing.
what do you think?

Mohaly said...

wenty tayeba ya Maryam...

Mohaly said...

yes i read it, but wasnt scared coz this is just stating the obvious... stuff doesnt happen by itself.. there must be devil minds behind it.. add to it the ignorance of some, and the risky actions of others, in addition to some previous tensions... and it worked :(

Anonymous said...

i know it is the obvious, just hoped that it is only the "suspisious me". kind of not wanting to believe it.
now people start talking about this relationship openly, ya3ni it is a fact.
tayeb we ba3dein? it turned my day upside down since i read it. and it still scares me.

Ze2red said...

loved the meaning behind the story. Hope our win comes sooner than expected.

Mohaly said...

even if not soon, we have to make it happen ... better late than never.