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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

801) Gada3 ya Basha !!

Shoot me in the eye ... Gada3 ya Bahsa
Shoot me in the chest ... Gada3 ya Basha
Shoot me in the head ... Gada3 ya Basha
End my career ... Gada3 ya Basha
End my youth ... Gada3 ya Basha
End my life ... Gada3 ya Basha
Kill my son ... Gada3 ya Basaha
Kill my brother ... Gada3 ya Bahsa
Kill my love ... Gada3 ya Basha
Smile and Laugh ... Gada3 ya Basha
Get a Medal ... Gada3 ya Basha
Even Escape ... Gada3 ya Basha
But wait ...
Live on the Edge ... Live as a Rat ..
Live afraid from death .. and wishing to die at the sametime ..
Live with our curse upon you ... and dare to tell yourself "Gada3 ya Basha"..

Feeling Betrayed


Mohaly said...

Maryam said...
i have calmed down a little bit, rabena mawgood, and if HE allowed him to escape, then this young man doesnt deserve to live in a proper way and will lead hell of a life. maybe i think this way just to console myself, but all i know is if someone fails to accept Allah's offer for tawbah, then he doesnt deserve it and he only deserves to go to Him with all his zonob.
but, where the hell are "oli el amr" in this whole process?
Why dont i find any of Salafeen or Ekhwan or any of the presidential elections doing or even saying anything?
why do i have to "redirect" all my complains to Allah, after they fail to give me my rights back?

November 29, 2011 12:18 PM

Mohaly said...
I bet it is part of the decieving strategy to make us feel that khalas he has gone while they know exactly where he is .. welad kalb we mesh hayetghayro gheir bel7arb 3aleehom.

November 29, 2011 12:29 PM

Maryam said...
I thought it was for their own interest to catch him and offer him to justice to enhance their "picture" and ensure us of their change and "elshorta wel sha3b 7abayeb" comedy play that took place couple of days when some sheikhs went to Mohamed Mahmoud street and played this game.

I cant believe they are THAT stupid. this way they push people to more agressiveness and anger. is this what they want? to have an excuse to shoot everyone dead, with the excuse that people were too angry? cant they understand how such a statement would make us feel?

Dont they realize that such a statement would make look like jerks not able to catch a man they know everythign about?
didnt they use to catch the family of someone to push him to hand him self over? what about this dirty trick? why not using it now?

I feel somehting fishy here. they cant be THAT stupid not anticipating the anger that will break loose.

Ahmmad said...

wonderful and painful Mohaly

Mohaly said...

موضوع تهريب كلب الداخلية من الوزرارة ده ماينفعش السكوت عليه .. أبعاده أكبر من بس فكرة القصاص .. أبعاده فى إن تهريبه من الداخلية و هو مطلوب من النيابة معناه إن 1)الحرب مستمرة و 2) إن كل ضابط شارك فى تهرييبه هايعمل زيه .. 3) إن أى مواطن لو شافة ممكن يفقع عينه عشان متأكد إن مش هاياخد حقه غير بالطريقة دى و تبقى غابة .... بجد الموضوع ده مهم جدا

Anonymous said...

He will live with the curse till the end of his life.
His parents will never forgive themselves for raising such an unkind creature.
His leaders wont ever find any ra7mah crossing their ways for training someone to be this evil.
Rulers wont find any honor in ruling.

Inshaa Allah, We will win at the end.

Gogo14158 said...

great post ya doc , El shennawy will live as Gaddafi who knows one of our Tahririans will take his eyes but not to kill him to live the rest of his life blind

Anonymous said...

I just read that he was declared innocent for some reasons, which i didnt buy, but decided to stop reacting anyway, for some reasons:
- i need to stop boiling.
- it is very clear that the officials of Dakhlia realize now how powerful ppl are and that they wont escape with wrong doings, and would hopefully stop or at least wont be that open in committing crimes.
- it is also clear to them that ppl stopped believing what they announce, and this is more than enough for the time being.
- his and his familiy's fear are a great punishment, in all cases. if he is innocent, hw wont ever think of wrongdoings.

this incident changed a great deal in me. somehow i dont fear them anymore. i dont fear their doings or power or limitless baga7ah. i dont understand the change much, but all i feel is a calmness i never had before, coming from within and from the knowledge that whatever Allah has for me will happen, and it is only in His hand to "hurt" me, and this i fully accept.
and many dont fear them anymore, and maybe this "wave of courage" in many hearts would discourage their love for blood.