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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

797) Gaddafi .. The Inevitable End !

What do you see in these pictures? ...
History repeats itself, right? captured in a hole in home-town, killed by their own people ...
The irony is that Gaddafi sold Libya to the west after Saddam's capturing and killing because he was afraid to have the same end. It is an inevitable end for all Tyrants where the only way out is to respect their people and work for their best.
I am sad that it ended this way, but Tyrant drive their people into insanity. I wonder what Bashar felt like when he saw what happened to Gaddafi by his own people.



amina said...

سبحان المعز المذل

Anonymous said...

it is a mixture of feelings. partially understand how they must have felt when they captured him, and partially refusing the brutality of the way they killed him.
I wonder if "wrong people" - mildly put- deverse human treatement. i know how he and Saddam were, and the third case was Bin Laden. I am not defending them, but can't help wanting human treatement for them. i might be wrong of course, but what's wrong with being human with them, when they will die anyway? and what they really deserve, they will get on the Day of Justice.

I hope Lybia won't get into the dark tunnel Iraq went in. they are leaving Iraq now after completely destroying it, by end of this year, to catch the big cake in Lybia.

I wonder what is kept for Egypt.

Sorry for getting out of the topic here. i just write what i think.

Mohaly said...

I do agree with such confusion ... but most of Tyrants had to end dramatically throughout history..

Anonymous said...

dramatically enough would be their trial, especially that arab leaders are not used to any kind of impeachment.
there was no real need to treat him the way they did, videoing it, then publishing.
I am not pitting them, but i am against any kind of disrespecting of a human soul.

and I still wonder what is kept for Egypt.

Anonymous said...