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Saturday, July 28, 2007

233) Reason, Season, & Lifetime!

A girl who HAD a special placement in my life told me once that there are 3 kinds of people we meet in our lives:

- People we know for a reason (e.g. a lesson we learn or a wisdom, or to save us).
- People we know for a season (e.g. summer, work, college).
- & People we know for a lifetime.

Take your time and know who is who when you offer your friendship, love or care!



Geeee said...

i like this one thanks for letting me think :)

noha said...

In such a close relationship like love or even friendship u r supposed to offer them for a lifetime person. ar i do so when i think 2 offer such a precious thing i suppose that this person will be my lifetime. it's so hard 2 know from the begining what kind of this person is?
may be after a while u will know who is who? and who deserve and who donn't?