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Monday, July 2, 2007

220) Egyptian + Balcony + London = DEATH!!

What is wrong with London and famous Egyptian figures?!
4 Egyptian prominent figures has died by the same way in the same place over 20 years. The weird thing that they have many things in common:
1. Famous
2. Had a political or intelligence role
3. Many rumors around them lately
4. Decided to write their diaries.
5. Depressed and lonely.
6. "Fell" over the balcony in Downtown London.
Israel claimed that Ashraf Marwan is an Israeli Spy on the highest level, but I guess the big funeral and political presence are an indirect message from the Egyptian Presidency to the Israelis. Ahsraf Marwan was like Raafat El Haggan, and I suggest to have a movie about him called AL KHADEE3A!


Gypo said...

Ya 3am nefsy asba2ak marra. Ana lessa batbokh 7ekaya men betoo3 alf leila 3ala Ashraf Marwan.

Mohaly said...

eih ya3nee, i didnt cover everything in this post, add some more info, el mawdou3 yesta7mel kaza post kaman :)