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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

221) Avoiding Office Stress - Avoid Misunderstanding!

A good tip for avoiding doing the wrong task is to make sure your understanding of what your manager wants you to do is the same as his. When you have been given a task of anything greater than a trivial size, write down exactly what you think you have been asked to do. Take this written description to your manager and ask if you have it defined correctly. You could create and use a task specification form to act as a checklist, with headings such as:
· inputs to the task,
· required outputs from the task,
· scope of the task,
· what is not part of the task,
· standards, procedures or previous examples to be used,
· a deadline by when the task should be complete,
· total effort budgeted,
· agreed level of monitoring and coaching (you might as well suggest how much or how little help you need as many managers simply guess what you need and often get it wrong).


omar said...

thx man for sharing
that is very helpful
it really saves time to unify expectations

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing,,,,Amazing as usual.

Sohad said...

Ana hafar2a3 from stress in the work place:( what Iam witnessing is beyond my humble capabilities in stress management.. Ana 3andee e7ssas faze3 that the time

Sohad said...

Lol ..nos el comment taaaar during the posting process:) it was about stress created from conflict between senior management which I can't resolve..

Mohaly said...

Big part of the stress is an individual decision ..

Study Chapter 2 kewayes ;)

Sohad said...

Lol.. 3alashan mezakra Kewayes 2alak Type A employee is a potential competitor ;)) I analyze every situation in terms of " a lost development opportunity & efficiency" that's my curse.

Sohad said...

Root cause from my perspective to main issues is lack of leadership & clear scope, task definitions, etc...