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Monday, February 27, 2017

869) 10 Years !!!

Today Marks the 10th anniversary of the Blog.
I know the last couple of years were almost dead.
But this blog was of a great importance in the last decade of my life.
I hope I can -and I know I will - be writing again regularly soon..


Names said...

It is a great surprise to read this ... You are now here once again at your home. .. I was waiting for this day to come ... Welcome back my dear and happy blog anniversary.

I am waiting to read more and more of your articles.

phot bangsai said...


Anonymous said...

Happy blog anniversary


Names said...

مش ناوي ترجع للكتابة تاني؟ مفتقدين كتاباتك

Mohaly said...

I wish .. I really do

Names said...

Let me know how can I help you?

عبده العمراوى said...

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