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Saturday, October 27, 2012

827) Egypt ... Deal or No Deal ?!!!

President or No President, Constitution or No Constitution, Government or No Government, Parliament or No Parliament, Trails or No Trials, Protests or No Protests .... Simply everything and its exact opposite that I am afraid one day it is going To Be or Not to Be. Egypt became a big darkroom where groups of blind people are left together going in ALL directions and NO direction at the same time !!.. Everybody is running, shouting, and even stepping on others, although we are in a deep need to hold hands and find our way up to switch on the light.

After 20 months from the 25th of Jan "Revolution", things are not only in complete unrest, but also the vision, path and even the vehicle are not clear at all.. Each group is living in a separate schizophrenic bubble where they only talk and don't even listen to their own words to the extent that"Contradictions" can easily win the best title for such stage... Liberals aren't liberal enough to accept differences, Salafi's are not following the right Salaf in dealing with others, and socialists are not doing any benefit on any social level,  Ekhwan are not tolerant enough to deal with such huge responsibility that they cant handle alone and where they failed to get Egyptians to be "Ekhwan" in this nation.. Even felool, you can't accurately describe what is meant by the term anymore!!! Simply Every Thing and Its opposite...Kol 7aga wel 3aks!

This is the situation about almost everything in Egypt now ... So is it a Deal or No Deal?! The problem is there is no one offering a DEAL; however, everybody is saying NO DEAL !!!



العاب said...

nice blog

Mohaly said...

Thank You

NAMES said...

Welcome back :) we ya Rab ma teb3d tany 3an your readers keteer keda :))

your words exactly true.....ma3a sha3b Masr kol 7aga wel 3aks.

Mohaly said...


Anonymous said...

Welcome back :-). I am glad you decided to come back and write.

I was talking yesterday to an austrian friend of mine, and certainly talk came around politics. He thinks this chaos is natural and even healthy, it means ppl are getting out of the blind circle Mubarak has put us in for long years and they are opening their eyes for light.
of course a leader should have a more clear vision than the normal population, but unfortunately our leader is evenly blinded by the light himself :-)

Drspite all what you wrote and all what is going on, I can't help being optimistic and nearly satisfied with the chaos. chaos means we are alive and moving. in no direction maybe, in the wrong one maybe but eventually we will find it.
just give it time.

It doesnt upset me that Morsy does some mistakes and sometimes I feel disappointed from his actions, but only on perosnal level. maybe bc i tend to be a perfectionist i forgive him for his political immature but can't swollow some personal actions that contradict his belief. but this is not our subject.

I see Morsy doing some good things, especially the relation with African countries. it was a flie that kept in the darkness for far too long and it had to be reopened before we end up disconnected from Africa and loosing our share in Nile.
He is still moving with shaking legs in the foreign politics, but its ok for now.

What he really has to focus on is the interior minister file. it will explode in his face any second. actually, many of my friends were wondering if the deal MB did wasn't with the SCAF but with the Interior Ministry? the big ones of it?
the question scared me and made me wonder at the same time.
what do you think?

Mohaly said...

Maryam, sometimes my motivation to write comes from your comments :) thank you, and it was one of the hardest periods in my life and longest without writing..

I do agree with your friend that is normal for the people but it is not acceptable for the leader. I am disappointed that we have to wait till 2020 to have a good leader -if we gonna elect a good one..

For the deal, I think it is a tri-deal between the 3 MB, SCAF, and MoI, and that is why I still consider Mubarak regime is not over at all, it just had a new look.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see you back, even if the hard time is not over yet. or is it? :-)
Don't say so, the motiviation for writing lies within you. that's why you started the blog, kept it running and you are back to it.
but thank you so much for the kind compliment. I am flattered :-)
it's been very long since anyone said a kind word to me.

Yakob- my friend- was of your opinion as well. the leader MUST have a vision that gets blurred by absolutely nothing in the world.
but let me remind you of soemthing: Morsy didn't want to be the leader. we all know he was literally pushed into this role.
I was one of those who elected him to escape Shafik and i didnt have the slightest hope he would win bc of the game SCAF and Shafik were preparing for. It was a real mericle for me to see him winning.

Shouf ya Sidi, as mericlas happen, we should believe in it and work to achieve a new one. there is no other way. and we dont have to wait till 2020 to have a real president. he might surprise us, or his successor might. I am optimistic and happy with the feeling.

the ones really scare me are those of the MoI. they are the most aggressive and the most bloody vampires, whose kingdom is being threatend and who get more and more aggressive when threatend. i can't help but really feel scared of police officers no matter how unimportantly small ranking they are. it's in their blood, if u ask me.
the 3-D- deal wont work for long. sooner or later Morsy will have to face it. he must destory their kingdom otherwise they will eat him and the whole MB alive. if they are back the same way, and the next president is not MB, then they will be back to prison in no time. it is their only chance - the MB, i mean - to get out of the prison to clean the MoI while Morsy is in power.

Anonymous said...

dont stop writing even when u are down and it is personal. share it here as you used to do earlier. your followers may not be the same as before, however there will always be someone here who cares to listen and advise.

Mohaly said...

Thank you, I am trying my best to get out and it took me a while to be able to write anything ...
I hope I can write about it as I have always done ..
I dont count it with the number of followers but the quality of their contribution and benefit from the blog.

Anonymous said...

I understand. and i didnt mean the number as well. throught my readings here i always found someone of your followers caring to share and advise. and it touched me to see ppl acting this way,this is genuine.
take your time in sorting out things, or get those things here and we will help you sort them out :-)
have a lovely day ahead