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Thursday, January 27, 2011

747) Mohaly ::: Round Thirty Six !

My birthday this year comes in a "mon3ataf tareekhy" in my life -and in our beloved Egypt as well - while facing many challenges in being myself again, riding through many disappointments on the personal level and making use of many achievements on the professional level.

My wishes this year are mainly to be forgiven... 
First and most important... I am seeking forgiveness from Allah, I feel and know that I wasn't really a good Muslim during the past period. I do really seek His mercy and forgiveness, and His help in being a better person.. I really want this more than anything in the world now.
Second ... I am seeking forgiveness from my old & gold friends whom I wasn't really giving the appropriate time and care as I should be. I was completely focusing on my career, but now I promise them I will be there for them.
Third ... I am seeking forgiveness from all those whom I had un-intentionality hurt or caused them any pain. I never planned to do that, and I am not perfect, and will never be.
Fourth ... I hope that I can forgive those who really caused me pain whether they intended to or not. There are some scars inside me, but I know it can be healed with time.

Other than forgiveness .. I wish to keep and build on the success I had in my career, AND asking God to help me find -this year- my life partner, someone who can really understand me and feel me, and vice-versa. Someone who is looking to construct not distruct. Someone serious enough to know what is marriage, and loose enough to know how to enjoy life.

I wish that God will bless Egypt as well, and to remember this date as a date that we will always be proud of....a date for breaking our fear and starting change from within. We have waited so long for this date, and it is about time to solidify together to achieve our goals of a having a better Egypt.

Sorry for the long wishes, but I like sharing with you. This blog has become a second home to me, and you do really support me more than you can imagine.


"My Mama always said you've got to put the past behind you before you can move on" Forrest Gump


sunshine said...

sooo honest, pure, n true but stabbed my heart.. may ur wishes come true insha Allah :)

Mohaly said...

thank you sunshine...:)

Sally Orfy said...

Kol sana wenta tayeb ya Mohaly :), in German "Alles Gute zum Geburtstag ;)".
kol sana we rabena rady 3anak..
Kol sana wenta be se7a..
Kol sana wenta fe sa3ada..
Kol sana wenta te "post" and we "comment" :))))

and hope this year all your dreams come true..

Dina said...

May the blessings of Allah fill your life with true happiness and open all doors of success now and always…..

Mohaly said...

thanks dears :)))

Brownie said...

May all your wishes come true ya Rab =)
Happy Birthday Mohaly

naela said...

very touchy , God bless u , wish all ur dreams become true yarb , u deserve more & more

rehaboz said...

YA Rab t7a2a2 kol omnyatak ya mohaly, u deserve all the best :))

Radwa ElSayyad said...

Happy Bday
wishing u all the best and achievements personally, professionally and all over :)
i agree with u that it's the starting step for Egypt to be or not to be (Y)

Mohaly said...

Thanks a lot dears :))))))))))))))))))))

NAMES said...

Once again you are a very special gift from Allah. even in your birth day celebration you are a unique.

nefsy a2ol kalam keteer wallahy. bas mosh 3arfa. i can't say all what you deserve because you deserve more than what I can say.

wish you to start a happy and wonderfull new year in your life with ISA new and better life for Egypt. and may Allah forgives you and helps you to find your life partner.

P.S: Amalna Fik Ya Dr.

Sally Orfy said...

I told you before, you are Mohaly el gamed awy :))))

Noha said...

Mafeesh forgiveness of my younger sister tayeb? lol la ya seedy ana mesm7ak :)) kol sana wenta tayeb ya habiby and i have really enjoyed reading your post and praying that you will be able to make those dreams come true specially the life partner tab3an ;) LOL

Mohaly said...

I am soooo touched guys, I needed this support as I lately faced lots of negative opinions (from a dear person).

Thanks a lot..and my dear sister : I LOVE YOU.

I do really feel I am on the right track :)

Irene said...

my dearest Prof i really wish you the happiest life ever and i'm sure that God loves you coz u r his beloved son and of course he will forgive and forget anything u have done once you confessed your guilt.
concerning your life partner my advise to you is that if you didn't find what you r looking for never ever take the risk coz it is a big responsibility. And a sensitive person like you can never be happy with a relationship that has no love, respect and mutual understanding as well and by then you're gonna feel that you have ruined your life forever as well as your children's stability.
May God grant you all what u ve dreamt of :)

Anonymous said...

Mohaly ...Round Thirty Six,Thirty Seven,Thirty Eight these are just numbers my dear still you are that SPECIAl one...Concerning your wish of finding ur life-partner we don't know what God has in store for you, may be you will find HER this year .

Anonymous said...

حلمت بيك امبارح ... كل سنه و انت طيب عيد سعيد عليك و على كل أسرتك .

Mohaly said...

خير اللهم إجعله خير
عيد سعيد :)

Anonymous said...

خير طبعا اكيد خير ... بس خد بالك من صحتك و الف حمد لله على سلامتك