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Thursday, July 22, 2010

703) Work Hard, and Get Less !

Working 70 hours per week, having many prestigious jobs in reputable organizations, keeping good connections with everyone, even having a good income ... all of this don't prevent you from getting poorer every year. Yes the overall income may increase, but its value decreases due to the inflation monster, and crazy prices ending up with more amount but much less value.
How come a simple house (not a villa) is for 2,000,000 LE while it was less than 40% of this amount couple of years ago!! How come a quick visit to any cafe (Costa, Cilantro, Star Bucks...) costs 50 LE in average? Cars (that is another story starting with minimum of 100,000 LE), clothes, food, accessories, anything just name it is just going up even if there is no demand...

Prices are jumping up and no matter more work done, or even more fees gained, the one is getting more and more poor in terms of purchase power. Tab3an El hamdullah for everything but working hard and moving down the ladder is disappointing...

This is just fadfada, I am not cursing the society and country circumstances...etc I am statisfied with what I make and the life I lead but can't even see how can I maintain that in the future with such crazy random increases. I am just wondering what did I do wrong in my career to end up with such financial disappointment?!

It seems that the new Slogan is; "Leih Tedfa3 A2al Lama Momken Te2bad Aktar ?!"



ayouya said...

I wonder how would it be after rising fuel costs! I'm not sure when but I'm sure things will be getting worse!

amina said...

You focused on others more than focusing on yourself may be or you didnt go with the flow

el kalam da leh naso ya doctor

amina said...

by the way a beautiful new layout :)

Anonymous said...

me, too agree that prices are randomly going up in a crazy way, and none controls.
and i -too-agree that it is disappointing for someone to work as hard as this and end up feeling disappointed this way.
i don't mean anything bad with my words wallahy, i am only trying to help you find an answer to your question and "hear" your fadfadah.

many people around me live with a sum of money i can't even imagine they find enough food.but they do.
what makes difference here are 2 things:
- their feeling of "reda" for what they have in hand, no matters how little.they are happy and see themselves as lucky enough to be healthy.
- the "barakah" that Allah sub7anaho wa ta3ala has put in their little "rez2" and therefore they live as happy and satisfied as a king.

you are the only one who can judge this, if you take an hour to think about it:
- don't you have anything in your life, any blessings from Allah, that can replace this feeling of needing more? i don't mean that you are greedy. i only mean that you think you move down the ladder in a certain way, and you can't see what else you have around?
- is there "barakah in your rez2", or do you miss this part?
barakah comes from simple sadaqat.nothing big. only it "increases the value of your income, by making it mubarak fih" there are many ways of sadaqah, and believe me, whenever you only "wish" to find a way, allah sub7anaho wa ta3ala will put in your way millions of ways for sadaqah and you will "know and feel" that He has accepted it.
just el neyyah is enough, and no matters how little. but on regular basis.and always remember
ما نقص مال من صدقة
و " خذ من أموالهم صدقة تطهرهم
think about my words, and try it. you don't have anything to loose anyway.

i hope my words are not offending to you, but if you find them offending, then I apologize for offending you, and you have every right to delete this comment.

Ms. X (as promised)

Mohaly said...

Not offending at all, and if you noticed I said I am satisfied with what I do and what I make and leading a satisfactory one, but don't know how to sustain that coz I am doing my best and cant do more than that now.

I feel like I am riding a good Arabian horse (which is great) but in a race where the competitor (prices) is riding a Ferrari !

P.S. I wont do about my Sadakah so that i don't lose its thawab.

Anonymous said...

enta lesa shoft 7aga, we lesa