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Thursday, May 14, 2009

561) How much do you Love yourself ?!

I was wondering, how far do we love ourselves?

Do we love it more than anything in the world?
Do we love it to the extent that we can sacrifice anything for its sake?
Do we love it so much but less than other things that we can sacrifice ourselves for?
Do we love as we love other things?
Do we love it the least?
or Do we love it Not?

What is right? ... if you love yourself so much you will be accused of being selfish and if you don't love yourself, you won't be able to give love to others.. I personally see that we should love ourselves first, and build on this love to develop winning relations with others; i.e loving ourselves but not on the expense of others..



amina said...

أن تحب نفسك، هو أساس نجاحك في الحياة ودعامة شخصيتك القوية، وعمق نموك وتطورك إلى الأفضل.
فالحب السوي الحقيقي الأصيل للنفس، هو الحب الذي يتمتع بمقومات الصحة النفسية، والسلامة العقلية، والنقاء القلبي والروحي. إنه الحب المنزه عن الأنانية، وعن الغرور، وأيضاً عن الشعور بالنقص.

Ola said...

I agree with you. If you don't love yourself you won't be able to love any one else. But, what if the decision is between your own interest & the interest of some one you really really love, which one will you choose?? It is really confusing!!

mary jacoub said...

Guys the word (love)is a fake word i don't believe that it does exist any more.....sorry but it's my opinion.

Mona said...

Mary, what I heard you say, is that the word (love) is fake and it does not exist anymore.

Are you saying that they managed to delete the word (love) from the dictionary or that it's meaning has changed over the years but linguists forgot to inform us about the new meaning, or that we don't trust linguists and the words they come up with to describe the human experience?

John said...

When the expressions “loving yourself” or “self-love” are first heard, there may be confusion about what is meant. This is because we think in terms of the love we are familiar with, dependent love. If we try to love ourselves, we may take an approach similar to that used in dependent love, using ourselves as the object of our love. We may try to escape into ourselves, as we escaped into others. We may become self-absorbed and self-indulgent, putting our own needs first. The motive is still to escape. We reject unhappiness and, in so doing, reject ourselves.

Self-love has nothing to do with using yourself as the object of your love. Self-love means that your love comes from within, is generated from within, not from “loving” any object because it may please you tremendously, whether that object is someone else or yourself. Self-love is a condition of awareness, a way of perceiving, an attitude, which results in an integrated perception of the world.

Omar Rostom said...

Loving ourselves drives us to be better, but too much loving may kill!

Omar Rostom said...

# يقال إن87%من الشعب المصرى ساخطون على الحكومة المصرية ... ما تعليقك ؟

ــ ال 13% الباقيين معاهم جنسيات أخرى .

mary jacoub said...
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Shimaa Gamal said...

It is not bad to love ourselves, at least when you love yourself you are 100% sure that you are being loved back equally :)
But it is bad to love yourself more than anything in the world. Because some people deserve to have equal attention. Being completely self centered is unfair to the people who loves us. Loving someone more than yourself is also wrong because this mean that you would hurt urself to please him. Which is unfair too.
So the best is to love yourself and love few others the same way. So, that you give them the attention they deserve and know what and when to sacrifice.
Moderation is the keyword. Moderately love yourself so that you can see others, moderately love others so that you can see yourself.

A really interesting view John

mary jacoub said...

Mona i really don't know why you're enjoying just to make fun of another people's emotion instead of trying to go deep inside to know what's meant behind their words?

Mona said...

Mary, I did not make fun of your emotions, quite the contrary, trying to uderstand your emotions, was exactly what I meant by my inquiry.

Mohaly said...

Mary / Mona: coming from totally different environment can lead to misunderstanding as what happened here.

H.A.W. said...

why dont we divide love energy we have between ourselves and the others?
at end of the road, it will go to others bardo. when you love yourself,live in peace with that special person you are, you will be able to give others more and more.
what do you think? am i talking nonsense?