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Monday, April 13, 2009

553) Use Death to Enrich Life ... !

Death is a reality for all of us. On any given day, at least 130,000 people worldwide die. Some deaths are peaceful and others violent. Some die of disease; others, from thirst, starvation, murder, accidents, illness or the easing away of the body after a life well lived...

Burrying someone you love with your own hands is a life changing experience. Something is overwhelming me... yes I am back to work, but not back to me!! I am changing, don't know how yet, but I can feel that there is something major changing within me...death helps us to have more strategic look over our lives..

I want to share with you this article, may be it helps in getting my point of view in better words, as I don't have the capacity to write what I wanna say at least for a while...

It is important that we come to terms with our own death. Unless we do, we will limit our ability to assist and understand those who are dying and those grieving the death of a loved one. Accepting your death will help ease your fears and enable you to offer more peace and comfort to those struggling with death and loss.

"You see more clearly what's important and what's not. As a result, you are likely to focus on values and goals close to your heart," Dr.Turner says.

Everyone needs to make peace with death. Take some time alone to ponder several or all of the following items. Go slowly, so you can consider the questions in a heartfelt way. You may even want to write your answers. Then discuss your responses with a good friend or loved one.

  • If you discovered you were going to die later today, would you make any phone calls? To whom? What would you say?

  • Do you believe in God in a vision that lends purpose and meaning to your life?

  • Do you have a philosophy of life? On why we exist?

  • Are you willing, given the limited time available to you, to say what's on your mind? To do what you think is important? To stop hiding behind pretensions and facades and be the real you?

  • What things are most important to you? Does the way you use time and set priorities reflect your most deeply held values?

  • Would you like to make changes in the way you live routinely?

  • Can you imagine your own death and write an obituary that expresses how you would like to be remembered?

  • Do you sense in your most important relationships any unfinished business? A troubled relationship you would like to heal? Loved ones to whom you might better express your feelings? Someone to whom you want to apologize or express thanks?

  • Does the thought of your own death frighten you, or are you at peace with the idea? What do you believe happens after death? What could you do to better prepare yourself for dying?

  • What do you like best about your life? Consider how you are blessed. Ponder opportunities you might want to pursue.

Use death to enrich life. Lawrence LaShan, author of Cancer as Turning Point, believes each of us has a dream that burns brighter than all the rest. Sometimes this dream is known as a "passion." Those who have the courage to follow their hearts live healthier, richer lives, LeShan says. He suggests a three-part exercise as a way of exploring and perhaps living your dream or passion.

Imagine that six months from now, your outward life -- the work you do, the place you live, the person or people with whom you live, and the way you spend your time -- can be exactly the way you want it. Describe your ideal, outward life.

Then, think about your ideal inner life. Six months from now, what attitudes, gifts and abilities would you like to have acquired, developed or strengthened?

And lastly, consider your responses to the first two items. What efforts have you made recently to realize these things? What elements of your personality make such changes difficult? How might you overcome these internal obstacles?

When properly understood, death becomes an exquisite teacher, throwing life into sharp perspective and encouraging us to achieve our fullest potential. Death reminds us our time is limited, that it is important not to put off those things we value most, and that each moment is a fresh and precious opportunity.

Ref: Dr. Jo Turner, Professor Family and Consumer Economics, University of Florida. 


Omar Rostom said...

kalam gamed fel 3adm!
Eih ya Mohaly, I hope the change will be for better. I know that you will make it through this tough time. I know it is not easy especially for such a passionate person like you but as you said enrich your life

Omar Rostom said...

tab3an such philosophical post the best one to comment on is Mona, and may be Gannah as well.
Walahi ya gama3a koloko gamdeen in your comments :) 7aga te7ayar

amina said...

death is a life changing experience indeed, i like the word :"it helps us to have more strategic look over our lives" May be part of the secret of death is this important lesson.

P.S. being in the grave yourself is not an easything of course.

Anonymous said...

yes indeed

bakr el din said...

Al Salam Alaykom

Death is the 1st fact in life. If we do not make use of it, then we are from "Al Ghafeloon"

When Caliph Haroon Al-Rashid got very ill, illness that caused his death, he told his staff to go a head and dig his grave so he can see it before he dies. After the grave was prepared, he asked to be carried to the grave . Upon arrival, the Caliph Haroon looked down into the grave and then looked up toward the sky and said: " O' whom (Allah) his rule never ends, have mercy on whom (Haroon) his rule has ended.

The Quran states that this worldly life is a preparation for the eternal life after death. But those who deny it become slaves of their passions and desires, making fun of virtuous and God-conscious persons.

Al-baqaa Le Allah wa7do

amina said...

Enrich Life zero unemployment

D said...

Ya di el"strategic"

J. Peri Vida said...

Yeah, I think it's wise to always try to get the best out of and see the good in every life experience we pass through, like you're suggesting Mohaly, even at those difficult times when we sometimes feel are too tough and testing..sometimes these hard times are just a way of showing us the way or making us appreciate life all the more! Generally, speaking, I think that when it doesn't make any sense, it makes all the sense, but only to be seen and known later.. Sometimes, it's our sentiments that are overwhelming that they control us when we're so sad, or so happy or whatever, but then we come to think of it carefully, we see the moral or the message behind it..And enrich our life like your saying...Thanks for sharing the thought Mohaly...

amina said...

what is wrong with strategic D ?

merhan said...

i am not so good with words in these situations but death is a life altering experience it usually leaves its mark on u especially if the person u lost was close to u.does it push u forward ,i really donot know???i think that u really accept it and learn to live with it,time acts as the greatest healer .u will never forget that person but deep in ur heart u will know he is in much better & kinder hands now. i really hope this difficult time for u will fade away soon.

Elham Salah said...

Oh Mohaly, it seems that this experience really changed you, your thoughts were already deep but now became deeper.
but take care dear cause there is a limit after which the depth will be dangerous as you may be able to read ppl thoughts and see them as transparent bodies which will make you more loaded.
But I can't deny that this experience though it is very bad but will add value to you, as pain make ppl use their talents in a better way, that is why your last 2 blogs are amazing,plus as you said you will rearrange your periorties and have more strategic look.
you will be fine Mohaly, it is matter of time.

Mohaly said...

Thanks Guys Omar, Elham, Amina, Merhan, J. Vida. .... etc

I am sooo tired. It is about time to pause. I am gonna disappear for the next 10 days.

Talk to you soon in-shaa-Allah.