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Saturday, April 4, 2009

549) Memories :::: Barameg Al Masaa Wal Sahra !

Saturday: Nadi El Cinema Ch. 1

Sunday: Gawlet El Camera Ch1, El 3alam Yoghanee Ch2

Monday: Taxi El Sahra Ch1, El 3elm wal 2eman Ch1

Tuesday: Movie Ch1

Wednesday: Ekhtarna Lak Ch1

Thursday: Oscar Ch2

Friday: Fakar Thawani Teksab Da2aye2 Ch1

Anything else?
How come we can remember the weekly schedule of the TV more than 20 years ago!!!
The weird thing that I used to enjoy these programs although it was almost the only choice more than these day zillions of choices where I keep on skipping in every commercial break!!!



Shimaa Gamal said...

I guess that the limited options was the reason that made us all wait for "ekhtarna lak" and even watch the things we memorized.
Now, I think the television is boring because we have unlimited choices and we are over satisfied.
Something like the law of marginal utility :)

gjoe said...

Give man to choose and he'll make sure to abuse his choices!

de7ekt awy ennak lessa 7afez koll 7aga betgeey yoom eh w 3ala anhy qanaah!!

Anonymous said...


amina said...

I am 5 years younger than you Mohaly but I can still remember some of them. Kan fee kaman the morning mama nagwa, baba maged, 3arosty :)

Mona said...

I am really curious about your statement "Give man to choose and he'll make sure to abuse his choices!" Do you care to say more about that? I have a serious interest in the no choice/choice dance.

I am a radio person (I do not let much TV into my system,) I was a devout listener to "On the Curb" and "Who is the Killer?" on Friday afternoons. By the way, does anyone know if these programs are still on the radio?

mary jacoub said...

No,ya Mona... but there's still 3ala el nasia also Friday afternoon.. do you stil also remember abou lam3a& el 7'awaga bejoo?

Mona said...
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Mona said...
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Mona said...

Mary, I remember them vaguely - were not my cup of tea though. I am more into detective and speculative radio programs.

Gannah said...

الأول لازم أقولك ما شاء الله لا قوة الا بالله ذاكرتك قوية ..أنا كنت بحب نادى السينما وجولة الكاميرا ومش عارفة السر كان فى المذيعات ولا فى البرنامج نفسه..الفكرة زى بالظبط الأطفال دلوقتى وألعابهم..أنا كنت بالعب فى الشارع ..كنا البنات ناخد ركن ونلعب اولة ونط حبل واستغماية وساعات نعمل دايرة ونغنى أغانى غريبة والأولاد طبعا كانوا بياخدوا معظم الشارع علشان لعب الكورة..تخيل متعتنا كانت قد ايه وصراخنا لما حد يفوز ولا حد يتغلب..قارنها بقى بالفيديو جيم والاتارى والكمبيوتر جيمز..أعتقد اننا كنا محظوظين لان كانت عندنا متع بسيطة
وكنا قادرين نستمتع بيها
السؤال هل لو عندنا شريط فيديو وقعدنا نتفرج على واحد من البرامج دى هنحس بنفس المتعة ولا احنا كمان اتغيرنا وفقدنا القدرة على الاستمتاع بالاشياء البسيطة ؟؟؟
انا برضه كنت بسمع على الناصية وماذا تفعل لو كنت مكانى ومن القاتل ؟؟
وكنت بسمع الافلام كمان ..كان فيه برنامج يعرض الافلام فى الراديو
وابلة فضيلة كمان

mary jacoub said...

do you remember our family gathering then when we all use to watch these programs together we use to feel the warmth of the family..now you can see mother watching,son infront of the computer,daughter on the phone..

mary jacoub said...

احنا كان عندنا براءة الاطفال دلوقتى فقدوا براءتهم لمل تقعدى مع طفل من بتوع اليومين دول تحسى ان احنا الاطفال مش هما

mary jacoub said...

ya gama3a where's manakolia el 7al 3ando lazem nela2eh ne3raf meno el big secret the will solve all the problems.....

Mohaly said...

Guys, like Mona, I kept on thinking about what Shimaa and Gjoe said... about the options & boredom..

and unfortunately what Gannah said is very true, we lost the beauty of enjoying things..

When I wrote this post I was just remembering some good old days, but after I read your comments, I feel now that we have to do something about it. why did we surrender to boredom, why don't we try to get out of it even by having 1 day per week technology free. haye7sal eih ya3nee!!!

Mohaly said...

Thanks Gjoe, Gannal, Mary about the memory part. I always try to develop memory triggers because of the nature of my work whether in AUC or training & consulting business that needs recalling and compliling of lots of info.

But may I reacal all that because I really enjoyed this period in my life when it comes to TV. I used to ask Mama to record anything that I miss and see it the next day. I rarely see TV now and I open it when I feel bored then I realize that I am more bored so I close it!!!

Ola said...

You forgot panorama frenseia on Tuesday!
About the children morning programs:
Saturday: Tasali...koronba...mama Fatma
Sunday: Mama Mona
Monday: Saba7 el 7'eir..bo2loz...mama Nagwa
Tuesday: Baba Maged
Wednesday: Ma3a Alasdeka2
Thursday: 3arosti...mama samia, masa2 el7'eir...mama Nagwa & bo2loz again
Friday: cinema el atfal...mama 3afaf!! (she run that ooz wizard movie about 100 times or so

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah:) ayam

Mohaly said...

I remember panorama farancia, I just didnt watch it, it was on channel 2 and I used to see the movie on channel 1 :)

by the way sabah el kheir was on Mondays and Wednesdays then masa2 el khier joined on thursday when they invented "Al Youm El Maftouh"

Yes Oz and el Kalba Lacee :)

Ola said...

I am not sure about saba7 el 7'eir on Wednesday!! I do remember that Wednesday was not a good day to watch the daily show.
By the way, The T.V used to start at 11:00 a.m those days:)

Mohaly said...

yes & ends at 1pm then starts again at 4pm :)