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Friday, May 11, 2012

822) If Only !!

Do you realize that if your aim is happiness, you will never be happy !! Yes how ironic, but happiness is an abnormal and temporary status where if reached can't be always maintained... What we should aim for is satisfaction as this can be manageable and permanent, and when happiness comes we enjoy it, and try to prolong it but we shouldn't take it for granted.

"If only" turned out to be the mother of all sadness because we willingly make our happiness pending on something that if happened, there is a 99% chance that we won't be happy... there will be something else that we will be looking for and saying "If only I have this".

Know what you have, and enjoy it, and know what you don't and work for it. The real happiness comes from making use of your blessings and working hard to achieve your goals; other wise, welcome to the infinite loop of "If Only!".



asmaa said...

عارف البنت دي اللي بتقول عليها تخينة ؟

بسببك بتعمل كل حاجة عشان تخس لحد ماجالها اكتئاب ،

عارف البنت اللي انت بتقول عيها وحشة ؟
... ...
بتشتري بكل فلوسها مكياج على أمل الناس تحبها ،

عارف الراجل اللي رجله مقطوعة ؟

دي اتقطعت ع الحدود و هو بيدافع عنك ،

عارف الولد اللي بيتهته و اللي انت ضحكت عليه ،

أبوه بيضربه كل يوم في البيت و مش ناقصك ،

عارف الراجل اللي اتفتح في العياط و انت اتريقت على خيابته ،

أمه بتموت و ماسك نفسه بالعافية

فمن فضلك ...

خليـــــــــــــــك في حالـــــــــك

Anonymous said...

I agree with your words
The real happiness comes from making use of your blessings and working hard to achieve your goals;
just would like to add:
know when to stop chasing a dream or a goal that is not meant to be yours.
if it is not meant to be, then fine, you still have other things that you probably dont recognize as blessings.
it is what i learned and thought of sharing with you here :-)

Sohad said...

When we focus on what we want the universe will positively respond :))
We have all what we need already, life is a treasure and the map is hidden inside each one of us we just need to search within our hearts... Each time I reach a stage & say I have never been better, I reach a better state :))) nefsee kol el nas teb2a sa3eeda in the same way